5 Ways To Enhance & Save Money On A New Home Theater With Dollar Store Items

Installing a new home theater can create an amazing experience for watching movies, television, and live sporting events. Once the elements are fully installed, you can take a few extra steps to help enhance your home theater experience. By shopping at any type of dollar store, you can purchase a variety of items and accessories that will help you ease into your new home theater system. By saving money on these accessories and purchasing them at a dollar store, you have the ability to invest more into equipment and professional installation. The following five items can help you organize, clean, and operate your home theater with ease.

Drink Accessories

A highlight of enjoying the big screen experience in a home theater is having drinks and food at your leisure. To help prevent spills or stains from condensation, there are a number of drink accessories you can purchase from a dollar store. One of the easiest things to stock up on are drink coasters. At dollar stores, you can find both disposable and permanent coasters. Depending on the time of year, you may find coasters with holiday or seasonal designs.

Another drink accessory you can find at a dollar store is a drink koozie. Not only do koozies help keep your drinks cold, but they can provide a better grip so that you don't spill anything in the room. Drink glasses are also available. You can purchase specific sizes and styles that you want to use exclusively for the home theater.

Velcro Strips

When new components are installed in a home theater, you may yourself with a whole collection of remotes and other devices to help control. To keep track of specific items, you can purchase packs of velcro strips. By attaching one half of a strip to a remote and the other half to a piece of furniture or device, it makes it easy to locate the remotes. This is especially useful for remotes that you rarely need to use. The remotes can be separated and placed in locations where they are easy to retrieve.

Velcro strips can also be used to hold up channel guides, manuals, and other small accessories for various home media devices.


Batteries purchased at a dollar store do not offer the power or longevity to use in electronic games or controllers, but they are ideal for use in TV remotes. Many types of remotes require little power to operate and dollar store batteries can keep them running for several months. Multiple sizes are available, allowing you to stock up on all types of batteries for various remote needs.

Along with the batteries, you can purchase a small container to keep them in. This container can be placed in an entertainment center so you can easily access them without having to deal with a dead remote.

Entry Solutions

After a new home theater is complete, many people like to keep floors and furniture as clean as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by adding items at the entryway. Dollar stores have a number of floor mats that can be used to wipe feet and remove shoes at. This is especially helpful during the winter months. In the winter months, you can find seasonal floor mats that include snowmen, reindeer, Santa Claus, and other festive designs.

Another item you can purchase for your entryway is a bin or small shelf to hold shoes. This will help prevent dirt, mud, and water from getting tracked into the home theater.

Quick Cleaning Solutions

Dollar stores have a lot of cleaning products, and many articles have touted their effectiveness and quality. For the home theater, you should have some quick cleaning supplies stocked up so you can remove dust, dirt, and other debris from the room. Wet wipes are great for dusting off furniture and entertainment centers. Wooden polish is ideal for hardwood floors and furniture pieces. Small dusters are great for cleaning screens and other electronic components. Keep the items in a storage drawer or bin.

Every home theater is different. Look at your setup and determine how various items from a dollar store can enhance the design. If you don't have a theater yet but are planning to install one, contact a company like A Tech Security for information.