Tips For Extending The Battery Life On Your Android Phone

If you have had your android cell phone for a number of years and it is not functioning as well as it once did, then you may want to think about taking your phone to a repair specialist. Before you do this though, you should recognize that a few common cell phone issues can be fixed fairly easily. Battery drain is one problem that you may be able to resolve without needing repairs.

Change The Brightness Settings

Most android phones have brightness settings that change the illumination of the screen based on the amount of light that is present at the time. Specifically, ambient light is measured by a sensor that sits in the bezel of the phone that sits near the screen. The sensor then transmits the data to your cell phone and the screen brightness is changed accordingly. Unfortunately, the control software on the phone that both monitors the light and changes it can use up some of your battery power.

Also, if you use your phone a lot in the evening and in low light settings, then screen brightness is likely amplified often. The brighter the screen, the more power is needed. If your battery drains due to this, then you should turn off the auto brightness feature on your phone. You can find the feature in settings. When you turn off the feature, set the brightness in the middle of the scroll bar. This will provide you with medium brightness, so make sure to sit in area with a bit more ambient light when using your phone in the evening.

Investigate Battery Sucks

Almost every cell phone will allow you to change a multitude of features so your phone is specifically customized to your needs. If you do not customize your features, then you may leave a variety of certain programs, software, and other features active. These apps or features can then suck up your battery life even though you do not use them.

It is best to investigate what types of things are using your battery. You can do this in the battery menu found in the settings window of your phone. In this window you will see a breakdown of features that use your battery and also how much of the battery power each feature uses. You will typically see the phone OS, system, and the screen at the top of the list as the features that use the most battery.

Under the necessary features you may see some things that you are not familiar with. For example, you may see a Google Play app, but you may not use it. Remove this and other apps that are using the battery, but you do not use. Also, things like automatic Twitter, Facebook, and email updates may draw a good deal of battery power. Change the updates to manual instead. 

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