Why The Landline Is Still Important

Many households are getting rid of their landlines and taking all of their calls through a cell phone. But there are plenty of reasons that landlines are still a great addition to your home telephone services. Consider these big benefits of landline telephone services. 

Call Quality Is Better

Mobile phones are great when you need them, but you have to admit that the call quality is not always nearly as great as the crystal clear audio you could get from a land line. So why settle for the call quality of a mobile phone? Having a land line gives you the option to have better phone calls when you can make the call from home. 

They Are Important in Emergencies

You can't always rely upon your cell phone in an emergency. If your phone dies, breaks, or is stolen, you will need be able to make calls to get the situation sorted out. In an emergency when the power is out or mobile service lines are down, the landline gives you a second outlet to reach out for help. In short, it might one day save you in a critical situation. 

They Are More Professional

If you need to hold important work conversations even when you aren't at the office, having a land line is a professional choice. The cell phone is not as reliable in terms of coverage and call quality. You would not want to drop an important call or find that you have spotty cell phone service and can barely be heard when a client calls. With a cell phone, there is also more of an expectation that you are available all the time; if you have a land line at home, you will only need to return important calls when you are available at home and in a quiet place. While it's tempting to answer a call you're excited about while you're putt putt golf with the family, it may not be the best impulse to be able to act upon. 

Of course, there are great things about cell phones, as well. The convenience of being able to be reached at any place or time is something that you probably don't want to give up. But maybe it's time to see these two services as complementary, rather than competing. You have your mobile phone for when you're on the go and your home telephone services for when you need the reliability that land lines provide. 

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