Capturing Cool Drone Images During The Winter

Thanks to advancements in technology, consumers now have the ability to invest in drones that are capable of recording images from the ground beneath them. Operating a drone can be exciting, but it also presents some unique challenges when you are hoping to capture imagery during the cooler months.

Here are three tips that you can use to help capture some cool images with your drone during the winter months.

1. Don't let ice build up on the surface of your drone.

As your drone travels through the air, moisture in the cool winter air can collect on the surface of your drone and freeze. This creates ice buildup that could compromise your drone's ability to fly accurately, and could even cause your drone to malfunction and fall out of the air.

When you are attempting to capture cool images with your drone during the winter months, you must reduce the flight time for your drone. Making several short flights instead of a single lengthy flight will allow you to clear ice from the surface of your drone regularly in order to prevent this ice buildup from damaging your delicate piece of equipment.

2. Keep your drone's batteries warm.

Cooler temperatures can shorten the life of your drone's batteries. To ensure that you are able to capture the footage you desire during the cold winter months, you should keep your drone's batteries warm for as long as possible. This means keeping spare batteries inside of your vehicle, or placing a hand warmer in your backpack with the batteries if you are hiking to your flight location.

You also need to recognize that the cooler temperatures will require you to shorten the length of each flight your drone makes in order to ensure that a temperature-related battery failure doesn't wreck your equipment.

3. Adjust your drone's altitude for maximum visibility.

It's not uncommon for fog to be present during the cold winter months. This fog can collect around bodies of water, making it difficult for your drone to capture any quality images. If you see fog in the area where you will be filming, be sure that you adjust your drone's altitude for maximum visibility.

Try to get over the top of the fog with your drone, and the fog will add artistic elements to your images.

Being able to use a drone during the winter months can be challenging, but with a few simple adjustments to your flight plan you will be able to capture some really cool images with your high-tech drone.